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Siam Telecom CTX was founded in 1994 by an experienced group of telecommunication specialist to cater the development and expansion of telecommunication technology in Thailand. Through our expertise and long experience along with adopting new technology equipment, we became well acclaimed in a short time as one of the leading manufacturer and installer of telecommunication towers for low band communication systems, cellular towers, AM and FM radio broadcast towers, and VHF and UHF TV broadcast towers. Our objective is to provide our full service to customer satisfaction.

Our manufacturing facility at Bangyai, Nonthaburi fabricates guyed mast and self support towers at any required height to accommodate any type of load requirements, wind speed, and design criteria. We also provide all necessary accessories such as lighting systems in both incandescent lamp and LED lamp, tower busbar etc… Our installation team are equipped with high standard rigging tools to undertake any type of tower installations throughout Thailand.